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Augmented and virtual realty interactives for games, education, and entertainment.

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Venturi Labs Mission

Venturi Labs is a technology incubator-like organization. We serve as a catalyst and new outlet for commercializing cutting edge technologies in graphics, games, simulation, training, education and healthcare developed using state-of-the-art mobile, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) user interfaces. Affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, Venturi Labs provides a natural bridge between Penn's academic programs and industry partners interested in tapping Penn's incredible pool of student talent.


Game development for web, mobile, virtual and augmented reality platforms. Above, a web-based game built on the Cesium engine.

Interactives for training and research. Above, an escape room for testing user interfaces in virtual reality.

Motion capture for quality animation and direct engagement. Above, hands are captured to control an avatar.

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Venturi Labs Team

Stephen H. Lane, Ph.D.

Dr. Lane is a proven leader with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience managing the design, development and commercialization of state-of-the-art software technology for use in Interactive Entertainment, Virtual Reality, Computer Animation, and Distributed Training and Simulation applications.

In 1988, he co-founded the robotics and AI company, Robicon Systems Inc. which created state-of-the-art robotic skill acquisition technology based on neural networks and expert system techniques, in partnership with DARPA, the National Science Foundation, the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia, RCA's David Sarnoff Research Center and Princeton University. In 1993, he founded Katrix, Inc. to commercialize Robicon's innovations into digital enterainmentand training for Hasbro Inc., AT&T, Microsoft, Disney, Intel MetaCreations and the US Army. And in 1999, he founded soVoz, Inc. to commercialize the behavioral animation technology developed at Robicon and Katrix in the area of character-based intelligent agents.

Dr. Lane received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University, a Master of Science degree in Systems Engineering. from UCLA, and a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University. Since 2001, Dr. Lane has been a faculty member the Computer and Information Science Department at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently a Professor of Practice and Director of the Computer Graphics and Game Technology Masters Program. Dr. Lane teaches courses ranging from game programming and design, computer graphics and animation, virtual and augmented reality, and performance capture.

Aline Normoyle, Ph.D.
Director of Software Development

Dr. Normoyle is a software engineer and researcher who specializes in simulation, animation, and games. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 2015 where she studied algorithms for character animation, crowd simulation, and player modeling.

Before joining Venturi Labs, Dr. Normoyle worked as a software engineer and researcher at Disney Research, the Robotic Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, the ACASA research center, the SIG Center for Computer Graphics, and MAK Technologies. She has written steering algorithms for commercial games, developed simulations of human behavior and socially intelligent agents, managed the Vicon motion capture studio at the SIG Center for Computer Graphics, and developed applications, tools, and APIs for distributed simulation. Aline's research into game controllers, motion editing, crowd modeling, and player modeling has been presented at AIIDE, I3D, SCA, MIG, and SAP.

Dr. Normoyle also teaches courses and workshops on animation and graphics and is an advocate for making computer graphics and game programming accessible to all. She has taught courses and workshops at the University of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore College, and the Recurse Center.

Before beginning her Ph.D. studies, Aline received a BS Degree in Computer Science from McGill University and both a Masters Degree in Computer Graphics and Game Technology (CGGT) and a Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Venturi Labs is located at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

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